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G.A.N.G Documentary (UK) EXCLUSIVE

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G.A.N.G Documentary (UK) EXCLUSIVE


London has reached an alarming tipping point and is in comparison to US crime rates, for the first time in modern history the murder rate in the UK capital was higher than that in the Big Apple. With the MET out of it depths with their old fashioned stop and search routines a new measure was needed in the streets of London. A group of youth and former gang members concerned about their peers on the streets decided to take it on themselves to help meet a solution and unite the streets without the police. They go by the name - G.A.N.G Guiding A New Generation. A youth activist movement, originating in innercity London communities that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black youths.

On 13th April 2018, G.A.N.G formed a "G Walk" from #SouthKilburn to #Mozart to #KenselGreen to #Harlesden to #Stonbridge to #ChurchRoad, some of the most deadliest streets of london, engaging the youth involved in crime along the way as well as other key community members concerning the violence and killings taking place. With around 500 people taking part The 'G Walk' went on from 2pm till Midnight with passer bys watching the unification of youths from the areas. With over 500 people in attendance without any police presence and no crime or violence the G Walk was a success.

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