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Black Development: How David Moody Went From Broke To Billions In Construction Deals

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Black Development: How David Moody Went From Broke To Billions In Construction Deals

 “Growing up, I didn’t see any Black contractors,” says David Moody, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of C.D. Moody Construction Company, Inc., a Black Enterprise BE 100s listed company for several consecutive years.

From his bedroom, he started his construction firm in the 1980s when he was in debt and was financially constrained to the point that he could barely feed his family. His wife went back to nursing school to become a registered nurse so they could have a steady income as he struggles to ensure the company succeeds.

With determination and hard work, his company is thriving and has undertaken over 200 commercial projects valued at $3 billion. Also, he is responsible for some of the iconic buildings in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I worked for some small construction companies and a very large construction company and this might sound strange, but it just kind of happened. I had reached a point where my wife and I said we don’t have anything to lose, so let’s give it a try. That is how it all happened. Our first office was our bedroom,” Moody tells shoppeblack about his beginning.

The success of his company happened together with the regional growth and his contribution to the building of 21st century Atlanta cannot be overemphasized as its emergence helped fuel Moody’s success. He is also giving back to his community by mentoring the next business leaders and inculcating in Atlanta kids the habit of saving.

What is rewarding for Moody is the fact that what started as a dream is now the source of livelihood for many others. “Giving back to help others is a great feeling,” he says. He attributes the success of his company to God and the fact that God used him to help others turn trauma into triumph.

“The other reasons are my wife and I have never had an expensive lifestyle and I have loved architecture and construction since I was a child,” he says, adding that: “I am living a dream that I didn’t think would happen for me.”

One of his latest commercial ventures was in 2019 when he joined as a 49% partner on a $650 million mix of affordable and market-rate housing, restaurants, retail, offices, and a performing arts center.

Moody advises young entrepreneurs to have a passion for whatever they do and not to be motivated by money. He stressed that once they are able to hone their craft, the money will follow. “…Don’t cut corners and honor your word. Never lie and let honesty guide your steps,” he adds.

Moody was born in Chicago, Illinois before relocating to Michigan when he was only 14 years old to stay with his dad who was employed at the University of Michigan. He attended Huron High School and obtained his B.S. in Psychology from Morehouse College in 1978.

By 1981, he had received his Bachelor of Architecture and five-year professional degree from Howard University. He worked as an architect/field engineer for Bechtel Power Corporation. He later taught structural design and mechanical systems at Washtenaw Community College.


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