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Black in Business: Formerly Incarcerated Mom Wins $10,000 Grant From Beyoncé For Children’s Underwear Line

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Black in Business: Formerly Incarcerated Mom Wins $10,000 Grant From Beyoncé For Children’s Underwear Line

Beyoncé is a talented singer, mother, and businesswoman who is highly visible in the entertainment world, and blessing small businesses with $10,000 grants during the pandemic. The BeyGOOD Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund has had a significant impact on small business owners.

BeyGood partnered with the NAACP to help business owners like Yolanda Perkins. She’s one of the fortunate business owners who received one of the grants. Undies by BlendiTone celebrates diversity by offering characters who may be relatable to youth who would like to wear undergarments who look more like them.

According to Black News, Perkins, a mother, noticed that there was a lack of diversity in the undergarments industry when she went on shopping trips with her children in major retail stores. Her idea to start Undies by BlendiTone was sparked in 2019. At that time, her 6-year-old daughter’s comment made her take notice.


“She said ‘I want something that looks like me on it. None of these characters look me,” and she was right,” Perkins stated.

The former inmate who embraced the liberation of becoming self-employed decided to take big leaps of faith. After conducting market research, she reportedly tested underwear sales through Facebook and Instagram. Perkins mentioned that she was surprised how quickly she sold out. Her start-up company’s success created more need for investment in production and marketing.

“All you have to do is believe AND take the first step. So glad that I didn’t give up on myself. The lessons I have learned over the years are the tools and resources I am using to build my brand,” Perkins said on Undies by BlendiTone’s Facebook page. “I hope my story continue(s) to encourage and inspire others to never give up!”

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