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Black in Business: This Black Woman Created A Self-Care Brand Inspired By Soulful Music

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Black in Business: This Black Woman Created A Self-Care Brand Inspired By Soulful Music

Music has served as the inspiration for many things in our lives. One Black woman entrepreneur decided to use her love of music to create a collection of scented goods and candles to help establish the perfect vibe at home.

Lola Pyne is the founder of Oasis Soul Scent Co., a collection of handmade scented goods ranging from bath items to soothing candles all made from natural ingredients. Pyne says when creating the idea, she became inspired by the different songs she loved and started creating her items based on her musical selection.

“The same way you set a scene or create a vibe with music, you can do that with scent. So the idea is that can use various Oasis Soul Scent Co. products to create the desired vibe for yourself and your space with candles, shower aromatherapy steamers, body oils, and more,” Pyne said in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE via email.

“Sometimes I start with a favorite song and work on how to evoke that mood with different fragrance blends. Other times I work on a specific scent profile and then imagine the music that would accompany it. For example, my SMOOTH JAZZ scent is a light and airy blend of white tea and ginger. SWEET TABOO is a warm sultry blend of almond, honey, and vanilla. I work on the interplay between scent, music, and emotion [plus] music is always playing when I’m making products”

Pyne adds that she wanted to create items that would promote self-care and how closely scent is intertwined with your routine. “I was inspired to create a range of quick and easy self-care products that are soothing to the senses,” she added. “Scent is the sense most closely tied to memory and emotion, and scented goods are a great way to change your mood and environment.”

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