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Feature News: At 15, Emory Pruitt Became Clark Atlanta University’s Youngest Student

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Feature News: At 15, Emory Pruitt Became Clark Atlanta University’s Youngest Student

Clark Atlanta University’s first-year student, Emory Pruitt, continues soaring up high the academic ladder despite the obstacles that have come her way, and she is a testament to the fact that age is just a number when it comes to setting your sights on achieving success.

Though this year has been very challenging particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic and the numerous setbacks that it has come with, that hasn’t deterred Pruitt from reaching yet another incredible milestone in her life.

After enrolling at the Clark Atlanta University at the age of fifteen in Fall 2020, Pruitt wrote her name in the history books as she became one of the youngest students in the HBCU’s history, as well as the youngest student in recent memory, the university said in a statement.

A commendable feat, Pruitt, however, did not have it easy. Back in high school, the Tennessee native, who graduated with a commendable 3.7 GPA, became an object of ridicule and was also racially targeted just for having big ambitions. Nevertheless, she was still able to sail through with some encouragement and backing from her family.

“It actually was the dedication and my family that pushed me each day,” Pruitt, now 16, said. “I should thank the people that doubted me; that just made me work even harder.” 

In an effort to ensure she had a hassle-free high school education devoid of any bullying whatsoever, Pruitt’s mother, Karen, ultimately decided to enroll her in online classes at Penn Foster High School. Karen told the university that decision eventually paid off as her daughter stuck to her books.

“I know that this was the best choice to protect her and her feelings; no one should have to defend the color of their skin,” Karen said.

Talking about her daughter’s enrolment at the university, Karen said: “Words would not be able to describe how thrilled and excited she was to have come across a dream come true.”

Though classes for the 2020-21 academic year are currently being held online due to safety and health reasons as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the university says the teen is adjusting to college life just fine.

“We are honored that this exceptional young woman chose Clark Atlanta University to continue her studies and we look forward to supporting her through all of her endeavors,” Associate Vice President/Dean of Admissions, Lorri Saddler, said. “Ms. Pruitt has already accomplished so much in just 16 years and we know she’ll continue to build on her successes.”

Pruitt also has some company as her brother, Elijah, also gained admission to the university for the 2020 academic year.


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