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Feature News: Detroit Mom Celebrates Historic Inauguration With ‘I Could Be Next’ Shirts For Girls

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Feature News: Detroit Mom Celebrates Historic Inauguration With ‘I Could Be Next’ Shirts For Girls

Detroit-based entrepreneur Alison Vaughn gifted young girls with “I Could Be Next” shirts. Her inspiration: the country’s historic inauguration.

On January 20th, Vaughn hosted an intimate party for a group of girls. They watched the momentous inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. At 78, Biden is the oldest President in the nation’s history. Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first woman Vice President. She’s also the first black and Asian-American person in this role.

“I want my daughter to know anything is possible,” says Vaughn in an email interview. “Whatever you want to be you can do it. And I wanted her to watch history in the making. To see a woman of color become the first Vice President of the United States proves that dreams can become reality”

Talk Show Host Shares Lessons with T-Shirts

Alison Vaughn is a mother on the move. She helps people realize the power of their dreams every day.

Vaughn is the host of the “Alison Vaughn Show: A Ministry for Busy Mothers.”  Every week, she spends her time sharing stories and offering Christ-centered teachings. Vaughn helps busy moms overcome daily challenges by using the pages of the Bible as a source of guidance. But on inauguration day, Vaughn was able to go deeper with her teachings and reach out to the next generation.

Vaughn instilled life lessons into the next generation of female leaders as they watched history in the making. She encouraged the young girls to see themselves in the Vice President’s shoes, accomplishing anything they want in life. Then, she gifted each girl with T-shirts. The “I Could Be Next” T-shirts were a symbol of hope and possibilities for black girls who haven’t always been recognized and appreciated in society. But now, the shirts are also a reminder of what the girls can achieve every day.

A Role Model Beyond the Inauguration

Vaughn’s daughter doesn’t have to search far for inspiration. Her mother is making major moves in Detroit and using her platform to make a national impact.

Vaughn is an entrepreneur, author, blogger, and community advocate. In 2000, she founded Jackets for Jobs, Inc. The nonprofit provides professional etiquette and career training to individuals who are seeking employment opportunities. Her organization has helped over 30,000 women secure jobs.

Vaughn has spoken at the World Islamic Economic Forum in Dubai, UAE, and has shared insights on advocacy at numerous events. She served as the co-chair of the 56th Annual Detroit NAACP Fight for Freedom Dinner, drawing over 10,000 attendees.

Vaughn wears many hats in her career. But her shirts make it clear what items are at the top of her priority list: empowering girls and women to dream big.

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