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Donate to Help our Sister Dana (CLICK LINK IN ARTICLE)

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Donate to Help our Sister Dana (CLICK LINK IN ARTICLE)

Weʼre raising £30,000 to assist my friend and 'lil sista' Dana finance Life Extending Cancer Treatment, her finances have diminished, please help me to help her


Dana M Bellanfonte

A valued member of the community a former Civil Servant, Teacher, her last active role was Mentor and Key Worker for an organisation assisting homeless young persons.

Dana is currently battling Lung Cancer (stage 4) and has been told by her NHS Doctors that they can now only offer her Palliative care. There is a treatment available privately in Spain/Germany at a cost of £27,000 , the initial consultation has taken place.

www.immucura.com (for more detail)

“Targeted Cancer Therapy by Dendritic Cell Vaccine”

A bit more detail on what they do....

“What we do is take 200ml of blood which then gets couriered to our lab in Germany.

They then mature the monocytes into Dendritic Cells and the way that is done is by taking the patients cancer signature, which is in the blood plasma and literally feed it to the Dendritic Cells. They then absorb that information which then becomes their sole purpose in life, to kill the cancer cells through the immune system.

The serum/vaccine is put back into the lymph system around 9 days later. The Dendritic Cells will stay there for up to 9 months and they will instruct the natural killer cells, (NK) or T-Lymphocyte Cells, that pass through the immune system what to look for and what to kill.”

We would also like Dana to visit her Parents whom she has not seen for a number of years, they live in Jamaica Mum is 90 years young and Dad is 85 years young, they are devastated at the news they were given earlier this week. Dana is their only daughter. A round trip would cost £3,500 with medical insurance.

By her Sister Beverly Keddo


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