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Feature News: Trump Stands Accused In Michael Cohen’s New Book

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Feature News: Trump Stands Accused In Michael Cohen’s New Book

In a new book titled Disloyal: A Memoir, former attorney Michael Cohen has made staggering accusations against President Donald Trump including that the president once said Nelson Mandela “was no leader”.

Cohen is serving the rest of a three-year sentence for fraud and perjury under house arrest due to concerns over the coronavirus in prisons. He writes that Trump was explicitly racist and disrespectful of Black leaders.

While the world mourned Mandela’s death in 2013, Trump allegedly said in a conversation where Cohen was present: “Mandela f**ked the whole country (South Africa) up. Now it’s a sh*thole. F**k Mandela. He was no leader.”


According to Cohen, the castigation of Mandela was not personal for Trump but rather symptomatic of his animosity towards Black and/or African leadership, generally.

“Tell me one country run by a black person that isn’t a sh*thole…They are all complete f**king toilets,” Trump is quoted to have said in 2008 after Barack Obama became America’s first Black president.

The interesting point about Cohen’s claim of “sh*thole countries” is that the president is alleged by different persons in 2018 to have made similar comments about Black majority countries.

Trump is also said to have given up hope of winning support from racial minorities because “they’re too stupid to vote for” him. “They’re not my people,” he allegedly added.

President Obama appears as another obsession of President Trump’s in Cohen’s book. According to the now disbarred attorney, Trump hired a “Faux-Obama”, a Black man who portrayed Obama and was the subject of belittling from Trump.

The information about the “Faux-Obama” comes with a photo of Trump and another Black man seated on opposite sided of a desk. The Black man wore an American flag pin on a suit.

Cohen, a former close ally of Trump’s, is now visibly campaigning to have him defeated by Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November.


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